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Mt Auburn Nephrology diagnoses and treats kidney disease. With four offices throughout Cincinnati, OH, we serve the Greater Cincinnati area. Whether you are seeking a diagnosis or treatment for kidney disease, we can help.

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Kidney Disease

Patients are referred to our nephrology specialists for a variety of reasons concerning kidney disease. What is kidney disease? Due to a variety of conditions that lead to kidney damage and deterioration of kidney function, kidney disease can make it nearly impossible for your kidneys to perform functions that are critical to daily life and overall health. We can help our patients by prescribing medications and offering special diet advice and coordinating dialysis care, if necessary.

Kidney Stones

Here at Mt Auburn Nephrology, we specialize in kidney health. Kidney stones can cause severe pain.The treatment involve watchful waiting, invasive and/or non-invasive surgical intervention. Urologist are involved in this initial treatment. However, treatment of this condition doesn’t end with solving acute episodes. Research has shown that up to 50% of the patients are at risk or recurrence without preventive measures. We evaluate each patient thoroughly, analyze reports of the chemical test of the stone where applicable, and also do blood and urine tests to analyze the likely cause leading to stone precipitation. This allows us to treat the individual patient with medications, and/or dietary intervention to reduce further attacks. If you are experiencing kidney stones, or think you may be, call and schedule an appointment at one of our Greater Cincinnati locations